Woman in Construction

It’s not often you see women in the construction industry. They make up about 3% of all labor workers, which has actually increased in recent years. There’s a lot to be said about a woman who shows up and kicks butt in a “man’s world” type setting. We’re going to go over the pros and cons for women in construction and show you exactly why if could be a great career.

Reasons Women Stay Away from Construction Jobs

  • Lack of female role models in construction— When there aren’t many women construction workers in the media, contactus-left-groupit’s hard to image it’s something that can be done. Even just driving by construction site, it’s rare you’ll see women working in the field.
  • Negative stigma— When most people think of construction jobs, they think of hard manual labor, which is often true. For various reasons, some people think a woman couldn’t do the same job as a man. Whether it’s heavy lifting, operating large machinery, or even just being surround by a bunch of guys, society still labels construction “man’s work”.
  • Less likely for advancement or promotion— In a similar sense as the reason above, women tend to get overlooked when promotions are on the table.

Reasons Women Should be Looking at Constructions Jobs 

  • Companies are promoting diversity— Companies are under National Public Works Week 2013constant pressure to keep diversity quotas met. Although it sounds like a silly reason to jump into a new career choice, it’s always a great way to get your foot in the door of a new job.
  • Women bring different perspectives to the table— In times when things go astray and decisions need to be made, women have a great way of bringing in different opinions and ideas. Women are intuitive, calm under pressure, and have a gift for thinking outside of the box.
  • Women love to build things— Who says women want to go into more feminine careers? There are plenty of women who just like to roll up their sleeves and build things!

Truthfully it’s kind of weird to us to state the obvious qualities in women, the pros above shouldn’t even have to be said. However it’s important that we have this discussion because there are so many women out there who would jump at the chance to be in the construction industry. All of our clients have one thing in common- they want the best laborer for the job. So whether that is a man or a woman, we at Skilled Resources are going to make sure everyone gets the job the desire!

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