What is a Machine Operator?

What is a Machine Operator?


Machine Operators, which may go by machinists or tool and die makers as well, work with heavy machinery from start to finish. They often use technology-driven equipment or more mechanically based machines to ensure quality work. Not only do machine operators control the machines, but the make sure they’re working at proper standards, well-maintained, and using the proper materials.

Depending on the job or their qualifications, Machine Operators can work on many different machines, or specialize on one complex machine. They are builders, fabricators, mechanics, craftsmen and quality assurance all wrapped into one. They’re highly sought after and valuable members of the team.

Skills or Requirements-

  • Math Skills: Good math skills will help Machine Operators understand complex instructions, how schematics work and make sure items are designed and built correctly.
  • Problem Solving Skills: Machine Operators will need to know why machines are not at peak performance, how to increase output and how to fix errors.
  • Attention to Detail: Machine Operators will work with precision equipment. Being off by millimeters could be a critical error. Keen attention to detail is required.
  • Mechanical and Technical Skills: Some machines are controlled by computers and operators will need to work with CAD/CAM technology. Others are highly mechanical and operators will need to know how and why they work.
  • Stamina: Machine Operators often work long hours doing repetitive movements.
  • Analytical Skills: Machine Operators will need to read and understand blueprints, schematics, models and other specifications.

Are there Education Requirements?

Machine Operators normally gain their knowledge through on-site experience or apprenticeships. They can also get certifications from technical schools, colleges, or trade schools. It often takes workers a few years to really master the job of a Machine Operator.

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