Job Spotlight- Engineer

An engineer can differ meanings depending on which industry someone is talking about. For the construction industry, engineers hold a vital part of completing a project successfully. An engineer’s job is to plan and oversee the entire construction process. They are highly trained mechanics of construction allowing them to have major control of the entire process. They are responsible for how the project gets carried out by each worker.

Education and Training Background

Because of the amount of responsibility of an engineer, often time they have a master’s degree in engineering or related sr-site-background-1field. Sometimes work experience comes into play and they’re allowed to shadow a certified engineer to gain more knowledge while they’re getting they’re degree.


This is one of the highest paid positions in the labor market. Engineers can expect anywhere from $50k to $90k a year, based on their experience.

Work Environment

Engineers are accustomed to the pressures of the job. What’s unique about this position is they balance their time out in the field overseeing projects and in an office setting because of the paperwork, calculating, or planning aspect of their job.

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