How to Make an Impression in an Interview

We all know the feeling of sitting in those stiff office chairs while waiting to hear your name called for the interview. Your palms are sweaty, your adrenaline is pumping, and often your nerves are getting the best of you.

Believe it or not, there are tips and tricks that can better prepare you in order to make the job screening process a more exciting, and less stressful.

Your resume—

A well-written resume is the most important tool in your job search. It’s the very first impression you make on your perspective employer. Your resume needs to stand out as clean, clear, and concise from first glance or it’s likely to hit the trash pile before it is even read.

Dress for success—

This one seems obvious, but for some can still be overlooked, especially when interviewing for jobs in labor and


Professional Attire

construction. While it may be true that blue jeans and a T-shirt are acceptable attire on the work site once the job is obtained, you should always be well dressed in slacks and a polo or button up shirt during the interview process. This demonstrates morals, respect, as well as class. Potential employers are also analyzing character, and your attire can certainly “make or break” that.

Confidence—This is vital

Any employer is seeking someone who displays confidence and poise when being considered for a position. Avoid using words like “um” or “uh” or long pauses when speaking. Rehearsing is a great way to ensure these errors don’t occur on the big day. Try to practice in the mirror before the interview.

labor-hire-temporary-workers-photo_1Highlight and emphasize unique skills—

While it’s true that the company is doing you a favor by considering you for employment, remember they’re also very lucky to have you interview as well. Be sure to politely let them know what special skills and assets you have to bring to the company. This will not only help you in displaying your confidence, but this is your chance to help them see why you make a more valuable candidate than your competition.



All of these points are sure to make your job search and interview processes easier, but always remember your resume is your essential business tool. If your nerves still get the better half of you on a face to face interview, your skills and assets will still be there in black and white for your potential employer to refer back to later when making his or her final decisions.


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