Four Construction Industry Trends from 2016

Four Construction Industry Trends in 2016

  1. Pay Workers More

There is currently a shortage in labor workers, especially in South Florida. That’s great news for you! First, it means more money. And secondly, it means more open positions for the job you want.

  1. Less Parking Lots

We saw a very new trend this past year- less parking lots. We’ve noticed this happening and have a theory about it. Many millennials are ditching the steering wheel and opting for two wheels- bicycles. Between needing to save money and being more environment-friendly than previous generations, they’d rather travel by bike or bus. Also- Teenagers are waiting to get their licenses longer than in the past. This means fewer cars on the road and, ultimately, less new construction on parking lots.

  1. Lots of Renovations

Many homeowners are either choosing to renovated their current home or buy a foreclosure/less expensive house and remodel it. This isn’t bad for laborers, since renovations are still in the job duties, but it’s not the best news for new homebuilders.

  1. Custom Restaurant Spike

Recently, chefs and restaurateurs are thinking outside the box. They don’t want to open just another diner, the want to offer customers something different, perhaps unheard of. Think of all the new vegan restaurants popping up, they want a particular look to their building. Farm-grown want their eatery to look more like a country barnyard bed and breakfast. The examples are plentiful, but what they have in common are wanting to give a unique experience with a unique look.

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