Construction Workers are among the Happiest Employees

Construction Workers are among the Happiest Employees

An anonymous survey asked over 30,000 employees among 12 different industries and found that construction and facility service workers are the happiest employees.

Much of this recent spike is due to a huge comeback in the construction industry. In 2010, when the economy tanked and much of the construction industry was abruptly halted, the Gross Domestic Production was at a little over $700 million, which was 4.9%. In 2013, it jumped to 5.8%, roughly over $925 million. Since then, numbers have continued to rise over recent years.

With growth like that, it’s no wonder construction workers were feeling on the up side. The increase had a ripple effect onto the labor workers resulting in:
  • Higher salaries
  • More job opportunities
  • A shorter commute to worksites
  • Additional benefits that come with consistent work

Technology, energy, healthcare, consumer products, and software all trailed behind the construction industry on the list. So if you’re ever wondering if labor services are right for you, no is the time to try it out!

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