Construction Career Day

The construction industry saw some new faces at the 16th Annual Construction Career Day. Almost 2,000 students from Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties attended the event to learn a little more about what goes into building. The event is known for being hands-on for the students, which is probably why it gets such a great turnout.

The idea behind the event is to give students a detailed look at a variety of construction jobs, everything from operating machinery to learning how to mix concrete. The filled with almost 50 different labs teaching the kids about environmental planning, equipment maintenance, multi-media training, surveying, and even had driving stimulations. This type of learning makes it fun and educational for kids to learn about the types of construction jobs that await them after graduation.

We’re excited that there is still so much interest in labor work with the next generation of construction workers. For as long as there are people wanting to get into the construction industry, we will be right there ready to place them in a temporary labor job!

If you’re interested in learning about any of our current job openings, click here to see a list of what’s available. Or call us today at 866-648-6650

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